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On the day of the Challenge you should point your browser to the Challenge Site and read the Rubric. Before logging in, you will need to obtain your username and password which will be provided to you by your teacher.



On the day of the Challenge you should point your students to the Challenge Site and read through the Rubric with them before they log in. You will need to provide them with their competition username and password. N.B. The passwords will be reset for the Challenge, at the beginning of the week preceeding the Official Challenge and are obtainable from the Admin site.


Past Challenges

Archived auto-marking Challenges are available to everyone, throughout the year without the need to login. Please visit here to have a go: Challenge Archive



  1. When competing you must stay on the the Challenge website except as indicated below.
  2. You are allowed to use any programming IDE that is installed on your school computers (including online IDEs if these are normally used in your school). You are allowed to use the built in documentation, even if this points to a separate website.
  3. You are allowed to use the official documentation website for the language you are using if you wish (e.g. https://docs.python.org/3.7/reference/index.html). You must not navigate on to any other websites.
  4. You can use a simple text editor to perform search and replace procedures if any supplied data needs to be re-formatted for your particular programming language, e.g. you might want to replace double quotes with single quotes.
  5. You can bring in with you a maximum of 20 pages of A4 printed materials such as a syntax guide and/or your own notes. An example of an acceptable syntax guide can be found here: Coding Club Code Cards.